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Shabbos & Yom Tov

Induction Cooktop
Q. How can I kasher my induction cooktop for Pesach? A. Induction cooktops do not have a heating…
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Hand Sanitizer – Use
Q. May I use hand sanitizer on Shabbos and Yom Tov? A. Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz zt”l said that…
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Urns – Yom Tov
Q. Can I put cold water into my electric urn on Yom Tov? A. On Yom Tov it is permitted to cook food;…
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Coffee Machine On Timer
Q: Is it possible to use a coffeemaker with a timer on Shabbos? One of our wedding gifts was a…
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Instant Oatmeal
Q: Is instant oatmeal fully cooked? Can one make it on Shabbos? A: The reason “instant”…
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Opening Containers
Q: What is the cRc’s policy regarding opening food on Shabbos that are sealed such as Coke,…
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Opening Oven Door
Q: If my oven or warming drawer is on for Yom Tov, is it permitted to open the oven door or do I have…
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Starbucks Via
Q: I am interested in your research regarding using Starbucks Via on Shabbos? A: Some have…
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Tea Bags
Q: Can I prepare tea with a tea bag on Shabbos? A: There is quite a discussion in the Poskim as…
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