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Pesach - Kitnios

Canola and Safflower Oils
Q. Why is it that canola oil is kitnios, but safflower oil is not? A. Many food items potentially…
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Q. Someone has a chronic illness which requires her to eat cornstarch every single day.  How…
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Dill and Coriander (Anise)
Q. I was surprised to see that the cRc shopping guide lists a few varieties of anise (caraway,…
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Leaves and Tendrils
Q. While peas and beans are not allowed for Pesach, how about the leaves and tendrils of the…
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Q. I see you consider sorghum kitnios, but yet you approved of the certified sorghum whisky. …
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Quinoa and Amaranth
Q. Are quinoa and amaranth kitnios? A. Quinoa and amaranth are seeds which are similar enough…
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