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Non-Food Items

Q: Do Aeroshots require hashgachah? A: Aeroshots is a powder-based mechanism for inhaling…
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Briquettes and Other Barbecue Supplies
Q: Do briquettes require hashgachah? How about cooking planks, wood chips, grilling paper…
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Q: Is there any problem with Cascade Extra Action “Action Pacs” with Dawn? I…
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Crayon Melting
Q: Is there anything wrong with melting crayons in a kosher oven? A: The main ingredient in…
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Crockpot Liners
Q: Do plastic cooking bags (crockpot liners) need to have a hechsher? A: No. The experts we…
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Electronic Cigarette
Q: Does the juice or flavor for electronic cigarettes pose kashrus issues? A: Yes. Electronic…
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Q: I dropped my cutting board and it cracked in half. If I want to glue the parts back together,…
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Nutrient Agar
Q: We need to heat up some nutrient agar for a science fair experiment in a microwave. I believe…
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Steel Wool
Q: I was in a “kosher” supermarket and found a few brands of steel wool without a hechsher. I…
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Wood Spoon
Q: My wife bought a wood spoon which was treated with a blend of mineral oil and beeswax. Is that…
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Yummy Dough
Q: I came across a form of edible modeling dough (akin to Play-Doh) which is called “Yummy…
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