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Mitzvos of the Land

Q: I recently was in Israel and was told not to eat certain fruits as they were arlah. Is this…
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Calculating Arlah Years
Q: In June 2010, I planted a dwarf apple tree that I purchased from a nursery. May I eat the fruit…
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Garden-Grown Grapes
Q: In 2008 we purchased some “field-grown grapes” in planters with a closed…
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Hafrashas Challah Amounts
Q: I’m mafrish challah every time I bake my 6 pound Shabbos challah recipe, and a neighbor told…
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Malt in Yoshon Products
Q: I read that it is debatable whether people who are machmir on yoshon need to be concerned…
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Shemittah Wine
Q: Someone in my shul told me that they were in the kosher aisle of a store and saw a 2008 Cabernet…
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Q: My married daughter is going to be visiting and told me that she wants me to make sure all our…
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Yoshon in Israel
Q: Is one who is temporarily living in Eretz Yisroel permitted to eat imported grain foods…
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