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Milk & Meat

Cheeseburger for a non-Jew
Q: May I give a non-Jewish person a cheeseburger (since it might be basar b’chalav)? May I give…
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Double Oven
Q: I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen. May I buy double ovens and use one for fleishig…
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Empire Cold Cut Package
Q: Empire brand cold cuts come tightly wrapped in a sealed plastic which is, in turn, inside…
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Grana Padano
Q: I gave my boss a piece of this wonderful cheese called “Grana Padano” and then his wife brought…
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Meat Pot for Dairy Soup
Q: I have received several conflicting answers to the following question, and desperately…
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Milk & Honey Hand Soap
Q: Is there a problem of basar b’chalav to use milk and honey hand soap which contains both glycerin…
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Pet Food
Q: Are there any restrictions as to which foods I may feed my pet? A: Pets are not required to…
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