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Medicinal Items

Q: A friend of mine in yeshiva was given a cold-preventing vitamin supplement called “Airborne…
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Q: I wonder if you could tell me if antacid tables need a hechsher. The item in question is TopCare…
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Calorie Shake
Q: I have a student who does intensive exercise and body-building. His regiment requires…
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Children’s Medicines
Q: Do children’s liquid and chewable medicines have to be kosher? A: The answer to your question…
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Coated Pills
Q: Some non-chewable pills have a sweet coating to help the pill go down more smoothly, but…
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Q: To prepare for my colonoscopy, my doctor said I should drink a special solution. Are those…
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Q: My baby is undernourished and unable to tolerate standard infant formula, so my doctor…
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Gelatin Capsules
Q: What is the cRc stand on products that have a gelatin exterior? A: Gelatin capsules come…
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Glucose Tolerance Test
Q: My obstetrician wants me to take a glucose tolerance test which requires me to drink a special…
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Gripe Water
Q: There is a product for babies called Gripe Water which has been used in Europe for over 100…
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Homeopathic Remedies
Q: I am looking into homeopathic solutions and I came across several halachic concerns, such…
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Infant Formula Without Certification
Q: My pediatrician told me that my child should use a specialized infant formula but I see that…
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Q: I’m researching probiotics was wondering if you can comment on the kashrus issues…
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Q: May I use hand sanitizer on Shabbos and Yom Tov? A: Rav Schwartz said that using a hand sanitizer…
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Recommended for Cholim
Q: I see that on your OTC medicine list, some items are listed as being “recommended” and others…
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Q: My friends recommended that I chew Sea-Band ginger gum to relieve my pregnancy-related…
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Tylenol and Motrin
Q: Hi, as I’m sure you have heard infant Tylenol and Motrin have been recalled. I want…
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Vitamin Pills
Q: Do non-chewable vitamins pills require hashgachah? A: Rav Schwartz has ruled that consumers…
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