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Induction Cooktop
Q. How can I kasher my induction cooktop for Pesach? A. Induction cooktops do not have a heating…
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Barbecue in the Park
Q: There’s a park near my house that has a few built-in barbecues available for the public…
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Q. Can I use a corkscrew which had previously been used to open a bottle of non-kosher wine?…
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Fireclay Tile
Q. Have you heard of Fireclay tile for a kitchen? Do you know if it can be kashered? A. Fireclay…
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Frying Pan
Q. Please let me know what your recommendation is to kasher a dairy Teflon-lined frying pan…
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George Foreman Grill
Q. I received a refurbished George Foreman grill from someone who does not keep kosher.  Is…
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Kashering a Home
Q. I’ve just begun keeping kosher and need some help figuring out how to switch over my kitchen…
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Large Pot
Q. How does one kasher a large pot? A. To kasher a pot, you should do the following: 1. Clean…
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Libun Gamur
Q. Is it true that items which require the kashering method called “libun gamur” can be …
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New Oven Racks
Q. We just purchased a new oven. The instructions said that the racks were coated with a vegetable…
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Q. I am doing research on plastic and understand that you permit Formica and other plastic…
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Porcelain Enamel
Q. My Rabbi thought you might have some information about the enamel coatings on ovens if…
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Q. Can Silgranit by Blanco be kashered? A. Yes, it is granite bound with a synthetic/acrylic…
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Hag’alah – Time
Q. How long does the silverware have to stay in the boiling water of hag’alah?  How about if…
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Keurig Coffee Makers
Q: Is there a way to kasher a Keurig coffee maker? A: Preferably, a Keurig machine should be…
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