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Apricot with Spots
Q: I’ve noticed that the dried apricots which I buy often have white or brown spots on them.…
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Broccoli and Cauliflower
Q: I was wondering what the difference is between broccoli and cauliflower; why when it comes…
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Brussels Sprouts
Q: A blogger has been blasting kosher agencies who forbid the consumption of Brussels Sprouts…
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Citrus Scale
Q: Please let me know whether scale insects on citrus fruit, which some in Israel say is an issue,…
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Frozen Strawberries
Q: I see that the cRc policy is that frozen strawberries require kosher certification. Why…
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Grains & Beans
Q: I read that there is a small probability that some of the insect eggs that remain on the grain…
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Q: Why is it that fresh herbs must be checked for infestation but dried herbs are permitted…
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Sifting Flour
Q: For those who have the minhag to sift flour, what electric sifters would be recommended?…
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