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Food Items

Almond Pasteurization
Q: Have you ever heard of any issues with companies pasteurizing “raw” almonds…
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Baby Food (jars)
Q: Some of the canned baby food I see in the store has a hechsher and other varieties from the…
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Bulgur Wheat
Q: Does raw bulgur wheat require kosher certification? A: Yes. Although the bulgur wheat…
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Canned Fruit vs. Canned Vegetables
Q: Someone at your office told me that pure canned fruit (without questionable additives…
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Canned Soup
Q: My non-Jewish coworkers tell me about a vegetarian canned soup that they enjoy, and I’d…
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Chalav Yisroel Nowadays
Q: My family has always used chalav stam (i.e. non chalav Yisroel) products based on the ruling…
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Coffee (and tea) Pods
Q: I’d like to buy K-cups to go into the Keurig coffee maker. They are small pods. Do they…
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Cut Fruit
Q: Can I buy cut up fruit from a chain store like Shoprite without a hechsher? A: Yes, assuming…
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Eggs with Omega-3
Q: Is Omega-3 a kashrus concern in eggs? A: It is not. Whole/raw eggs sold as containing higher…
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Fruit With Hashgachah
Q: My mother in law picked up a peach in the fruit store and saw that right next to the PLU code…
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Lemonade Apple
Q: While shopping I recently came across an apple called a “lemonade apple” from New Zealand.…
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Maple Syrup & Honey
Q: A friend of mine works for a reputable hashgachah, and he told me that his certification…
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Milk & Juice
Q: [We drink milk which is not chalav Yisroel.] In the past, we’ve called the cRc and…
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Quail Eggs
Q: Do you know which quail eggs kosher? A: One of the world’s experts on the kosher status of…
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Rose Water
Q: I believe that you had recently told me that rose water requires hashgachah. Is that correct?…
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Q: The Slurpee machine at my local 7/11 is not kosher certified, but someone showed me the extensive…
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Tartaric Acid / Cream of Tartar
Q: I read that tartaric acid is made from wine or grape juice. Does that mean that kosher tartaric…
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Winter Squash
Q: Is it okay to buy frozen vegetables (i.e. winter squash) if the ingredients say the vegetables…
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