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Q: I am a member of a shul with a significant South African presence, and a kashrus sheilah has…
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Kinuach Between Meat and Fish
Q: [One may not eat meat and fish together (Shulchan Aruch YD 116:2) and Rema (116:3) recommends…
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Peanut Butter Containing Fish
Q: I bought peanut butter and saw that next to the certification logo there is an “F”.…
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Pearl Essence
Q: I saw someplace that “most lipstick contains fish scales” what does this mean? A: It’s referring…
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Raw Fish in a Supermarket
Q: When it comes to fish, such as salmon, does that need to be purchased at a kosher supermarket…
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Salmon with Color Added
Q: Do I have to be concerned about salmon that is labeled as having “colored added”? Are the…
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Steak and Fish
Q: While discussing possible menu items for my daughter’s kosher wedding, I was told we could…
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Worcestershire Sauce
Q: I recently used a Worcestershire sauce on a steak. Afterward, I was looking at the bottle’s…
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