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Glucose Tolerance Test

Q: My obstetrician wants me to take a glucose tolerance test which requires me to drink a special beverage. Are there any kashrus concerns with drinking it?

A: The primary ingredients in the glucose-drink are water and glucose, and both of those are acceptable without kosher certification. However, the drinks are typically flavored, and therefore require kosher certification to be sure the flavor does not contain any non-kosher ingredients.

Therefore, we recommend that you either find an unflavored glucose-drink which meets with your doctor’s approval, or ask the doctor to order a glucose-drink which is certified kosher. [At the time of this writing, Cardinal, Fisher, Nerl, and Perk produce some glucose-drinks which are certified kosher by the OU.] If none of these options are viable, please consult with your local Rabbi who can advise you whether you should nonetheless take the uncertified glucose-drink.